The Hospital Reimbursement

As a leader in reimbursement and strategic healthcare consulting for over thirty years, O'Conco combines its experience with innovation to create the highest standards of excellence in the healthcare industry.

Our clients range from premier
acute care hospitals throughout
the State to major insurers across the nation as well as government entities.



O'Conco - Major Products & Services


Primary Analysis
The user can analyze and review their own data in a variety of reports and also compare their organization against their peers.


P&L Reports
By using patient level detail provided directly from the hospital, O'Conco prepares flexible, accurate reports with a variety of report designs



Data Reporter
Data Reporter is provided online which offers client hospitals immediate access to accurate hospital-specific reports at the touch of a button.


Medicare and Medicaid
O'Conco Healthcare performs analysis for Medicare and Medicaid with the most current data available, improving methodology utilized for customized reporting.



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